Company Spotlight: McKesson

Company Spotlight: McKesson

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Ivy Exec recently interviewed Matthew Johnson, Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at McKesson.  McKesson is made up of many businesses, all serving the health care industry. Our businesses fall into one of two primary categories: distribution solutions and healthcare technology solutions.

Ivy Exec: In which area of your company do you expect the most growth over the next 12 to 18 months?

Matthew Johnson: Healthcare is a constantly evolving environment.  I expect as that environment continues to adapt to legislative changes McKesson can uniquely serve as the “glue” that connects payors, providers, and patients.  Interconnected care is where the market is moving and McKesson will be in a position to facilitate this collaboration.

IE: What changes and challenges do you think your company and industry will see in the next 5 years?

Matthew: Certainly the continued fiscal burden of US Health Care costs present challenges that not only McKesson will face but the US population as a whole.  Our ability to facilitate better efficiency in a cost pressured environment provides us with both a challenge and an opportunity.

IE: What attracted you to McKesson?

Matthew: There are few companies that touch so many aspects the vast Heath Care industry.  When I joined McKesson I was given the opportunity to circulate through business units that touch all major stakeholders in the industry.  That breadth of experience would be difficult to replicate outside of McKesson.

IE: What three words best describe your culture?

Matthew: Collaborative, transparent, high-performing.

IE: What are the two best perks that employees get at your company?

Matthew: Good work-life balance, Opportunity for advancement.

IE: Which leadership qualities best ensure success at McKesson?

Matthew: Hunger to learn and dissect a complicated industry and the ability to see the bigger picture.

IE: What are your hiring plans in the coming year?

Matthew: I push my team to pursue advancement in the company so I am constantly looking for talented individuals.

IE: Who has been the most influential person that has helped you become successful in life other than your parents or relatives?

Matthew: The CFO of the first company that worked for out of undergrad.  I joined a start-up, and of course, had a jack-of-all-trades type of role.  I worked with the CFO on VC funding proposals, M&A proposals and other financial work.  Eventually, I decided to get my MBA and moved squarely in the direction of finance. Now I serve in a strategy, planning and financial group for McKesson’s US pharma distribution business, where we are recruiting MBA’s.

IE: Do current administration policies affect growth in the HC sectors?

Matthew: Well, the demand for healthcare isn’t going away regardless of what happens with recent legislation.  If more uninsured join the rolls, we will experience a bump in demand.  If not, then we will still see strength because our industry has grown despite significant market challenges in other sectors.

IE: Can you share one strategic change that McKesson is addressing?

Matthew: We are seeing integration of family physicians, specialists and pharmacists.  This is creating an opportunity for the growth of our technology business, and we see health plans being pulled into this integration as well.  McKesson’s relay health networks provide for ePrescription, as well as claims authorization and adjudication.

IE: How many times per day do you check email?

Matthew: On the one hand, it is constantly on, but I try to check it only once per hour.

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