Value Investing — The New Holy Grail Of Finance?

Value Investing — The New Holy Grail Of Finance?

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Whether you work in finance or are a close observer of financial markets, you have likely come across the terms “value investing” and “gross profitability”, both of which are widely considered to aid in assessing the “quality” of stocks and portfolio performance.

During this webinar, world-renowned finance expert and University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business Professor Robert Novy-Marx presents his recent findings on gross profitability and value investing and their implications for investors and financial professionals around the world.

The Wall Street Journal hailed Professor Novy-Marx’s research findings as “the new holy grail for investors” because it provides “much more informative signals about the health of firms.” Novy-Marx’s research shows a new way of thinking about a firm’s operating performance and applying it to their investment decisions.

This webinar, sponsored by the Simon School of Business and its Master’s in Finance program in New York City, delivers invaluable investment approach insights, as well as explore the unique, in-depth learning opportunities Simon’s Masters in Finance program offers working professionals.

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