How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume (Webinar)

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume (Webinar)

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A growing number of professionals find themselves, at some point in their careers, stepping away from the workforce – sometimes by choice, sometimes not.

Whether you were laid off, on sabbatical, injured, or raising children, explaining the gap in your resume to potential employers can trip up even the most seasoned professional.

With proper preparation, however, you can answer from a position of strength, and even turn your gap experience into a positive.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Develop a mindset based in confidence not vulnerability
  • Create context and reframe the situation in a relevant — and truthful — way
  • Sound neutral, not defensive in your explanation
  • Deemphasize any downside and focus on communicating your value

Renita Kalhorn
About the Author
Renita Kalhorn

Renita Kalhorn is a peak performance coach who helps high achievers step up their game to get extraordinary results through personal assessment and branding, identification of core and transferable skills, job search strategy, and targeted resume & cover letter assistance.

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