Does Your Resume Undersell You?

Does Your Resume Undersell You?

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A stand-out resume doesn’t require attractive fonts, clever formatting tricks, or stylized bullet points.

A resume that shows what you can bring to the table, however, will entice employers. To achieve that, professionals need to create a narrative in their resume that shows the full depth, context, and impact of their work.

But when writing a resume, many executives fall into traps that undersell them or make them appear less senior than they are.

In this online class, ‘Does Your Resume Undersell You’, Ivy Exec’s Senior Career Advisor, Lilly-Marie Lamar, will show you how to identify the important stories in your career, translate them for your resume, and apply the proper context, so they show your real value to employers.

Concerned that your resume undersells you? Click here to set up a 15-minute consultation with our Career Advisors to find ways you can improve your resume, and how Ivy Exec can help.

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