4 Reasons To Share Credit With Your Team

4 Reasons To Share Credit With Your Team

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Everyone loves to bask in the glory of a job well done—employees and managers alike.

Unfortunately, many managers (especially new, inexperienced ones) overlook the importance of sharing credit with their staff.

When things go well, the manager soaks in the praise and recognition. However, when things go wrong, there’s always enough blame to go around. Funny how that works…and you better believe that staff members notice. They end up feeling slighted, disrespected, or worse—they feel robbed. The manager has stolen something they rightfully earned.

Sure, as a manager, the ultimate responsibility for team performance falls on your shoulders. But that doesn’t mean the credit for their achievements is yours for the taking.

Here are 4 reasons you should share credit with your team.

  1. It Rewards Your Team

Like the rest of the world, your team wants to feel appreciated for their contributions. It’s especially meaningful when praise comes from higher-ups in the company. When you receive that praise and fail to share it, you’re truly robbing them of something precious.

Let praise from your superiors filter down to your team members so they can better see that their work has meaning for the organization. You may even ask your superiors to share that praise with your team directly to provide an added source of motivation.

  1. It Builds Trust

When your team sees you getting all the recognition for work they did, it deflates trust. Whether you agree or not, your team will see it as a betrayal. They’ll start to wonder what else is happening. They’ll question your motives and worry that you’re secretly holding them down.

Turning the spotlight away from you and onto your team is a demonstration of your commitment to the group. You look selfless, generous, loyal and honest. There’s no better way to build trust.

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  1. It Emphasizes Your Management Skill

A great manager knows how to lead his team to success. It’s not about doing all the work yourself; it’s about utilizing the talents of others to accomplish great things. Sharing the credit proves that you know this and are actively, successfully practicing the skills required of management.

  1. It Lets You Brag

If you have a hard time with self-promotion, talking up your team’s accomplishments is an easy, non-threatening way to elevate your visibility as a leader. Praise the hard work of your staff and everything you’ve led them to achieve. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So the next time you’ve got heaping piles of praise being thrown your way, step to the side and pull your team to the forefront. It pays

Chrissy Scivicque
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Chrissy Scivicque

Chrissy Scivicque is a career coach, corporate trainer and public speaker who believes work can be a nourishing part of the life experience. Her website, Eat Your Career, is devoted to this mission. Chrissy is currently a contributing career expert for U.S. News & World Report and the author of the book, The Proactive Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up and Start Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life!), available on Amazon.

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