Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

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Leaders have an ambivalent relationship with emotions, which they may consider as irrational, private, and often negative.

However, emotions are an inherent part of each of our daily lives at work. What’s more, leaders often fail to recognize the impact of their own emotions and behaviors upon their team, and the overall climate of the organization.

Thus, it is imperative for a leader to better understand emotions, to manage their emotions and those of others in order to reach a better performance, and create value professionally and personally.

This online class will demonstrate the integration of leadership and emotional intelligence for the leader as a person, for their teams, and for their organisations.

Participants will get insight into the nature of emotions, the importance of the connection between emotion and behaviour, and how to gain the capability to regulate and adapt one’s emotions in every situation.

They will understand what true leadership is: the kind that enables sustainable success. We call “true leaders” those who enable an organisational environment that liberates people’s initiative and leads both to outstanding business performance and to passion and positive emotions.

Presenter: Véronique Tran – Associate Dean of ESCP Europe’s MBA in International Management.

Véronique’s expertise is in personality, high performance global teams, group decision-making, leadership, and emotional competence. She performs personal coaching using the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) – certified since 1995, as well as executive coaching based on 360° feedback (certified in 2000 at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland). She has extensive teaching experience in the context of international management and executive education. She has worked with large multinational organizations in designing and delivering executive programs for high potentials.

She is the author and co-author of several book/book chapters, scientific articles, cases, and research papers on emotion and decision-making in diverse teams, emotional climate (in relation to team or organizational creativity and innovation), emotion regulation and emotional socialization in organizational settings. In association with the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, she has currently directed her research efforts towards the role of emotion in the luxury industry, with an emphasis on the customer-sales employee interactions.

She holds both the Swiss and the French nationality. She speaks English, French, German, and Swiss German.

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