Our Top 5 Picks to Help You Write a Great Resume

Our Top 5 Picks to Help You Write a Great Resume

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No matter your personal career path, the first step in securing your next role is crafting a resume that will create the best first impression possible.

Writing a resume for senior level professionals is a unique challenge.

Finding a way to perfectly package years of experience into an eye-catching and engaging career snapshot requires finesse.

For the Ivy Exec team, seeing as many resumes as we do it becomes clear that the most frequent mistakes are common across industries and seniority levels.

To help you get the most out of your free resume consultation, we’ve collected the five things you should read or watch and apply to your resume before you meet with a counselor.

5 Things to Read or Watch Before You Write Your Resume

1. The Five Most Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Fix Them

This webinar is led by senior career advisor, Lilly Marie Lamar.

She has more than six years of experience working with Ivy Exec members from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

In this session, she pulls from her wealth of knowledge to share what mistakes you’re most likely to make and how to correct them as well as why these mistakes may be hurting your career development.

Packed with practical tips, this webinar will help you to understand the mindset, priorities and pain points of those who read your resume so you can send them a version which is clear and readable. Watch now.

2. Tell a Powerful Story in Your Resume With a Winning Executive Summary

Another webinar led by Lilly Marie Lamar, senior career advisor at Ivy Exec, this webinar helps you take your resume to the next level with an effective executive summary.

Your executive summary should go beyond simply presenting who you are, where you’ve come from and your goals. A strong executive summary will function as a high-level sales pitch that presents your personal brand.

Furthermore, a single executive summary for every application won’t do the trick. In this online class, you’ll learn how to craft and customize your summary to get the role you want.

Watch now.

3. Write a Resume That Gets Past the ATS

With job openings receiving more applications than ever before, many companies have turned to using Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS, to sort through potential candidates quickly.

An ATS makes it easier for hiring managers to sort through resumes by keywords or even implement algorithms to create a select pool of applicants to review.

At the same time, these systems make it easy to fall through the cracks if your resume lacks specific keywords or if its formatting isn’t ATS-friendly.

These tips help you make it through the ATS without losing the elements of your resume that make you unique.

Read now.

4. Craft an Executive-Level Resume

When applying to an executive role, the same resume format and strategies that got you to this level won’t always serve you well.

In the past, you may have included elements that which, when included in an executive level resume, make you look unqualified and out of touch.

This article covers the 7 things to leave off your resume when you apply for an executive role. In addition, you might even think twice about including them on your resume for other positions.

Read now.

5. Observe Modern Resume Conventions

Your resume should be a living document which is updated at different stages of your career and tailored to meet the requirements of different job opportunities and companies.

Stylistically, resumes are also living documents because conventions and expectations have changed over time.

These 9 mistakes make your resume look outdated, and consequently make you seem out of touch. Carefully consider your resume’s layout and content in accordance to this list and see what you can change to make it stronger.

Read now.

These expert pieces of advice should get you to the point where your resume is presentable, effective, and intriguing. If you need more 1-on-1 advice, we’re here to help!

Get help with your resume from one of our expert career advisors


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