A Cross-Cultural EMBA Experience Builds Your Global Network

A Cross-Cultural EMBA Experience Builds Your Global Network

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The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA is a unique program that offers senior executives a fast track to career advancement and increasing their leadership potential. This EMBA program is one of the most culturally diverse programs with over 20 different nationalities represented, which provides students with a world-class experience for networking and cross-cultural learning.

The program offers residences in Europe and Asia, as well as study trips throughout Asia and the United States that provide immersion learning opportunities through cooperation with reputable business school partners. Programs typically run between 15 –  18 months in length with a modular learning program to help customize the learning experience for students.

Beyond a significant advantage for career advancement, there are a few particular reasons why participants in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA have found so much value from the program.

Cross-Cultural EMBA Experience

In an increasingly globalized world, there is a fundamental benefit for senior executives to gain experience in international communities. Cross-cultural experience provides a fresh perspective within the job market and better equips professionals for leadership roles, particularly on diverse teams or within international organizations.

The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA offers residences in three world-class cities:

  • Paris, France
  • Mannheim, Germany
  • Singapore

The program also provides study placements with partner business schools throughout Asia and the United States, which provides even more tangible and immersive experience for participants within specific local communities.

International networking opportunities.

A strong network and new connections are one of the most valuable aspects of any EMBA program. The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA provides an international networking opportunity unlike any other program in the world.

With two integrated alumni networks, which include over 75,000 former students from both the ESSEC and Mannheim business schools, participants in the program have a great opportunity to network with individuals from all around the world. This includes valuable business connections with over 3,500 companies within the alumni network.

Additionally, the program includes an international faculty of over 200 members, who are internationally renowned for their academic achievements and excellence.

Immersion study trips.

One of the driving reasons that the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA is considered one of the most international MBA programs is that they offer immersive study trips that mix participants between the European and Asia Pacific Tracks.

These study trips give students a greater opportunity to gain a cross-cultural business perspective and an increased ability to network internationally with other participants in the program. Through immersion programs with partner business schools, participants are able to gain better exposure to world-class facilities and benefit from an integrated track

Students find that this particular aspect of the program provides a unique learning experience that helps them accelerate their career and leadership development.

Strategic and social international class projects.

Participants in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program have the opportunity to work on a real business issue faced by a company in the European Track or to help create a new product or company as part of the Asia Pacific Track. The program also offers social class projects that give students the opportunity to run a project in collaboration with the rest of their class in order to provide some social benefit to an important cause.

These real-world experiences are vital to advancing participant’s careers and leadership skills through a hands-on learning approach. Students are able to grapple with real issues and practice their management and leadership abilities to help overcome those challenges.

Growth and Career Advancement Through International EMBAs

Senior executives who want to advance their careers can find a world of opportunity through the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program.

It is estimated that there is an average salary increase of 54% for students post degree, which represents a great return on investment for senior executives. The program provides a globally applicable business perspective and an effective framework for leadership development that gives participants a significant advantage in the job market.

Learn more about the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Program here.


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