An Affordable Investment in Your Professional Growth

An Affordable Investment in Your Professional Growth

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Professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career path need to be conscientious of every choice that they make along the way. While many pursue new job opportunities or other forms of professional experience in order to advance themselves, others who want to find real success within their industry seek to bolster their educational standing as well.

However, professionals at that stage of their career need to be conscientious when making decisions about their next steps. It can be risky to take time out of your career to pursue education, particularly if it is too expensive or does not present a significant return on investment for your time and educational costs.

That said, adding an EMBA to your resume can present great job opportunities if it is a well-calculated decision.

The Auburn Executive MBA is widely known as one of the best value options for senior professionals seeking to elevate their careers to the next level through higher education. It holds very reasonable tuition costs compared to many other MBA programs and it has a very high return on investment, often leading to more than a 120% average salary increase for graduates of the program.

What Makes The Auburn Executive MBA so Valuable?

The Auburn Executive MBA has great value for anyone who is considering an MBA program to help advance their careers. This is because they have some of the most stable tuition prices of any MBA program over the past few years, and they strive to provide reasonable rates for all of the associated costs to their program.

A stable tuition rate.

While the cost of living and many other MBA programs has continued to rise, the Auburn Executive MBA has been able to maintain a stable tuition rate for the past four years. According to a recent study, the price of common MBA programs has seen a price increase of between 10% – 18% over the past three years.

Auburn Executive MBA understands the real value of an MBA program and has made strides to keep its program competitive and relevant to the evolving job market over the past few years.

Accessible books and course materials.

While tuition is certainly a large portion of the full cost of an MBA program, course literature and reading materials can quickly add up on the total as well. The Auburn Executive MBA helps students complete their program with success by ensuring that all the necessary resources for course completion remain accessible to everyone in the program.

Affordable options for international students.

There are a lot of additional costs for international students associated with moving to a new city, but the Auburn Executive MBA helps provide a more affordable option for professionals who may be seeking a program outside of their home town or country.

There is also an international study experience built into the program, which has the cost of lodging and most meals included in the overall tuition.

High rate of return on investment.

A critical benefit of any MBA program is the potential for salary increases and growth opportunities after its completion. The Auburn Executive MBA provides a very high rate of return on investment with an average of 120% salary increase for graduates of the program. This represents a significant advancement for professionals seeking to actively advance their careers without taking on financial risk.

Create Your Next Career Opportunity Through an EMBA

Growth in your career rarely comes by chance. It takes hard work, smart choices, and opportunity. The Auburn Executive MBA program gives professionals the opportunity to create the next step in their career development through the educational advancement of their curriculum vitae.

Through a 21-month program and a hybrid design of in-person and online learning, the Auburn program produces highly desirable graduates equipped with a strength and knowledge in best business practices. This is a great option for high-level professionals who want great value out of their MBA program without any sacrifice in the quality of their education.

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