Why You Should Negotiate The Job Title You Deserve

Why You Should Negotiate The Job Title You Deserve

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Did you know that about 80% of companies use job titles to reflect the brand’s hierarchy? Besides, about 95% use them to outline each employee’s duties. When you accept a new job offer, the recruiting manager may present an opportunity to negotiate your title.

Current employers may also inquire if you are comfortable with the title you applied for or would prefer some changes. Here, we help you understand why negotiating a job title is vital. We’ll also provide some tips on navigating this process and presenting your pitch.

The Job Title Will Define Your Duties

Job titles are the official designations of employees in specific roles. Thus, the name you select can determine the duties your employer assigns and those your coworkers expect you to do.

For example, if you are a software developer, your employer will expect you to create apps and computer programs. On the other hand, if you take the title of software development manager, you will likely oversee a team that designs the programs.

If you accept a job title that doesn’t match your specialty, you may find your duties challenging. This issue will then affect output and limit your potential. Further, you may feel unfulfilled in your current role, leading to an unending job search cycle.

When you negotiate the proper job title, employers will assign familiar roles. Besides, you will utilize your theoretical knowledge and gain more experience in the field. Handling duties within your proficiency will also grow your career.

Better Salaries and Benefits

Your job title can determine the income you make. If you accept a designation lower than your expertise and education level, you will likely receive lower pay.

Negotiate the job title you deserve to ensure you get proper compensation. If you accept a new role and are unaware of the brand’s designations, determine titles executives with similar experience use.

After that, assess the salaries and benefits they receive and compare them against the amount offered by your employer. This way, you can request the proper designation with enough details about the compensation to expect.

Most employers have a fixed salary range for employees in a specific job title. Hence, it may be challenging to ask for a raise without changing the designation.

Negotiating the job title you deserve is a more straightforward way to get more compensation. When your title reflects leadership, the company will be more willing to increase your pay. Besides, you may qualify for financial benefits available for executive roles. 

You Can Impress Future Hiring Managers

Another reason to negotiate a job title is to impress future hiring managers. When your resume includes captivating designations, you are more likely to capture recruiters’ attention. This aspect may make it easier to secure interviews and roles in the long run.

Most companies use similar or slightly modified titles to describe particular roles. Negotiating the designation you deserve will simplify securing similar duties in the future. Besides, it avoids the hassle of explaining your expertise when the positions you apply for don’t match those in your resume.

Before accepting a job title, determine if other brands in the industry use it. If not, negotiate a designation that is more recognizable and popular. Further, explain to your employer why you consider the title you are asking for a better fit than the provided one.

Negotiating Job Title Simplifies Collaboration

Some projects require partnership among employees of the same or different departments. For example, a marketing campaign will involve teamwork between social media management and finance employees.

If you don’t have the proper job title, you will likely find it tough to work with other employees on shared projects. This issue is since they may expect you to have specific skills outside your specialization.

Asking for the job title you deserve can simplify collaboration in many ways. First, it ensures you only work with employees that complement your skillset. Besides, it speeds up work since the team leader will assign tasks that match your expertise.

In the long run, efficient collaborations will simplify competing projects within the provided deadlines. It also avoids conflicts that may sabotage team efforts and affect your work morale.

A Proper Job Title Will Make You Feel Valued

If you don’t have the proper job title, you may feel that your employer undermines your expertise. Further, it may be tough to ensure coworkers respect you and value your presence.

Negotiating the job title you deserve may help you feel more valued. Other employees will also observe hierarchy and respect your leadership in the company. Feeling treasured in your workplace will boost your passion and reduce job-related frustrations.

Your Job Title Helps Reflect Career Advancement

If you further your studies, consider asking for a different job title. This step is also crucial if you have undergone several seminars or training sessions to boost your skills.

The suitable way to ask for a different title will depend on if you are in the same company or changing jobs. When negotiating another designation with your current employer, prepare a pitch highlighting the skills gained over a certain period. After that, use this information to show why your existing title doesn’t match your expertise.

As you negotiate the job title you deserve, outline its value to the company. For example, mention that it will simplify interaction with high-profile clients. You can also show how your designation will improve the company’s image to the target market. Still, avoid job titles similar to those of your superior since it may imply you are aiming for their positions.

If you request a job title with a new employer, ensure your resume reflects career development. Mention all the courses you studied during your career while including short-term ones. You may then base your pitch on the CV explaining why the designation is more suitable.

Learn How to Negotiate Job Title With Ivy Exec

Negotiating a job title isn’t always an easy task, especially in companies with tight budgets. Still, you may easily maneuver the process with proper guidance.

At Ivy Exec, we provide career advice to empower business professionals. Our coaches and informative website will offer the tips you need when asking for the job designation you deserve.

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