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Level Up Your Virtual Communication Skills

About the class

Even as companies return to offices, remote work is here to stay and managing remotely continues to be a challenge for leaders. Communicating effectively, empathetically, and strategically are skills that leaders must cultivate. In this webinar, management author and coach McKenna Sweazy will share how you can become the kind of virtual leader you want to be by leveling up your communication style. You'll learn:

- What defines a great remote communication style
- Strategies to assess the best mode of communication for any message
- The key to leadership communication that inspires teams to action

About the Presenter

McKenna is a remote and hybrid management author and coach, having spent years working in global organizations, managing remote teams around the world. Her passion is helping people harness empathy to better connect with their colleagues to drive success, making their management skills as effective in person as from 6,000 miles awayFollow her on LinkedIn for more actionable ways to succeed in remote-first work culture.

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