The Science of Nailing the Interview

The Science of Nailing the Interview

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Do you know people who always get job offers?

Have you ever wondered how they manage to do that? Is it in their DNA, or are they just lucky? And why hasn’t it rubbed off on you?  Before you start beating yourself up or start blaming the economy, you may first want to understand the science behind nailing the interview.

While it may be obvious that the more you practice the better you get, not many people understand what is going on in the brain during this process. Brain plasticity – also known as neuroplasticity – is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. It is changing and adapting moment by moment everyday by how we direct our thinking.

Let’s talk about how your brain works in order to apply the science to getting a job. Is it wired in your friend’s DNA to always get offers?  Yes and no.  While there may be aspects in a person’s DNA that explain success, research shows that DNA changes according to the thoughts we are constantly having. One study reported by the Institute of Heartmath showed that thinking and feeling fear, anger and frustration caused DNA to change shape.

One of the reasons that some people always get the job is because they have mastered the art of changing the thoughts that they are having about themselves and the situations that they are in.  With that awareness, we can learn to develop our intellect and how we present ourselves in each moment

Here’s the process to master your thoughts when interviewing:


What is your intention for going on the interview?  The obvious reason is getting the job, right? But let’s dig a little deeper.  The more you understand WHY you want something, the more certain it is that you will act on it, and you will have more passion and determination to keep pushing forward when a circumstance arises.

This is the first–and very important–part of neuroplasticity.  When your intent is clear, your brain starts firing signals sending out the message of what that intention is.  Our thoughts and intentions can change the function and structure of our brains.


Now that you have a deeper understanding of why you want the job, the next step is to focus your attention on already landing the position. How would you behave if you were in that position?  Imagine yourself acting with self-confidence, passion and certainty that you are the one for the job!

In this sense, neuroplasticity can be a blessing or a curse because it can work against us or for us depending on what we are focused on. Whatever we think about is what grows the most.  Neurons that don’t get enough signals within the same cluster will start firing apart.  The more you focus on the possibility of getting the position and not on the fear of why you wouldn’t get it, the more confidence you will gain, because your neurons will fire in that direction creating new pathways of certainty!


After you have a clear focus of what you want, now it is time to take action towards what you want.  Practice, practice, practice!  Think about the questions you will be asked during the interview.  As an expert on the position, how would you answer the questions?

When you consciously make a choice to focus your energy and attention correctly, your brain and your body physically changes.  Therefore, the more you practice the behaviors you wish to have, the more neurons work together in order to make that thought a reality.  Neurons work synergistically – this means that the more pathways that are activated, the faster your brain is rewired.

The most important ingredient for mastering your interview is that knowledge is only powerful when you apply it.  The more you consciously choose to repeat the three steps above, the more you rewire your DNA for success.  What you focus on expands, so the question is, will you nail your next interview?

Naiana Miranda
About the Author
Naiana Miranda

Naiana Miranda, Chief Bar Raiser at THE-BAR, is a leadership development expert with several years of experience in leadership training and helping individuals get out of their comfort zones. She is fascinated with the potential of the human mind. THE-BAR is known as the gym for your brain, providing experiential training programs that empower individuals to expand their comfort zone and reach their professional and personal goals.

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